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In the Metro section of the Washington Post on Tuesday November 11, 2014 there was a story that read "Brown's loss complicates O'Malley's ambitions."  


The first paragraph read, "If all had gone as planned, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley would have been planning to hand over the keys to state government to his long time deputy, who campaigned on a promise to build on O'Malley's accomplishments."


If that was not bad enough, the next sentence said to me that Gov. O'Malley was taking Maryland voters for idiots.  It read, "The transition could have provided a burst of momentum over the next few weeks as O'Malley (D) weighs a 2016 White House bid."  Are you kidding me?  


Here lies a Governor who thought raising taxes was a cure all for all the problems that faced the state.  On his watch he allowed the nursing homes of the state to go from "Bad to Worse!"  On his watch he allowed the Baltimore City jail to be run and be controlled by black convicts.  The convicts controlled the flow of drugs, cell phone distribution and coordinated a prostitution ring made up of female guards.  Several of the guards were pregnant the leader!


O'Malley was the former Mayor of the city but didn't have a clue, now he wants to run for President of the United States?  I thought the message was cast loud and clear on November 4th "No Mas" to his Presidential aspirations.    



I was in attendance when Lt. Governor Anthony Brown threw his hat in the ring at Prince George's Community College for Governor last summer.   I saw all the familiar faces from the Jack Johnson era and beyond looking to get on the bandwagon of another do nothing brother.  His only credentials, he served in the armed forces.  The cheerleaders and freeloaders were standing in line to be a part of the on-going problem in the black community.  It was then and there I decided to cast my vote for whom ever was running against him in November 2014.    


I was looking beyond race and party afilliation to select the best man for the job---Larry Hogan was the best man.  In the 70s I coined a phrase to close out my radio sports talk show Inside Sports, "Every black face you see is not your bother and every white face you see is not you enemy!"   Those words guilded me in this past election.



 President Richard M. Nixon Congressman Walter Faultroy Senator Bob Dole, Senator Strom Thurmond, Congressman Lou Stokes


Governor O'Malley and and his caddy Anthony Brown easily convinced me during their 8 year tenure they cared about anything but the residents of the state of Maryland.  The nursing homes in the state are a disgrace.  My brother Earl K. Bell died in one August 1, 2013 because of neglect and abuse.  I left a trail of written complaints at the Governor's office and the Department of Health as it related to the sorry state of nursing homes in Maryland.  The Governor's office gave me the run around and passed me off to other incompetent people in the administration like a "Hot Potatoe."  


I even tried the black church they also turned out to be a waste of time.  One promient preacher played the role of the "Three Little Monkeys" he saw no eveil, spoke no evil and heard no evil."  He is the worst kind of politician.   


My brother served two tour of duties for the U. S. Army in Germany.  He was a platoon supply sergeant, and Military Policeman, first string fullback on the base football team, and the country's heavyweight boxing and table tennis champion.  He also stood up and fought racism on and off the base (story in 1969 edition of Jet).  


One example; he tried unsuccessfully to have segregated off-base housing in Nuremberg declared off-limits for military personnel, but he was ignored by the powers to be.  He complained to Rep. Charles C. Diggs (D-Mich.) and the Pentagon.  Finally, he obtained adequate housing at the Army camp for his family.  His relentless drive for fair play reached a climax at a segregated discotheque in downtown Nuremberg.  Having been refused admission previously, he led 35 militant troops in a march that almost ended in violence, when mostly white Military Police were rushed to the scene.  He was able to maintane peace because of his leadership qualities.


Finally in 1969 he said "Enough was enough" and opted out of serving a third tour of duty due to the blant racism he encountered in the military.  He went from the frying pan into the fire when he came back home to join the DC Police Department.  It was there he was denied an opportunity to earn a living when he was told he was not eligible for employment because he had a juvinile police record.  Thanks to an investigation by William Raspberry of the Washington Post, it uncovered that DCPD brass had been using an illigal tactic to exclude blacks from the department.   DC law stated that "No adult's juvinile record can be held against him when seeking employment in the DC government."  The DCPD brass backed down and Earl Bell was hired.


In 1978 after 13 years on the department he almost lost his life in a tragic automobile accident on the way to a bogus disciplinary assigment (he refused to honor a Code of Silence as it related to police brutality).  He was traveling to the Police & Fire Clinic in SE DC while in uniform, because of undetective icy road conditions his car went airborne into a an 18 wheeler tractor trailer.   The accident would confine him to a wheel jail for the rest of his life.  His life would end on August 1, 2013 in Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland. Thanks to a dysfunctional nursing home system and a dysfunctional family unit.  


Gov. Martin O'Malley and Anthony Brown shown their true colors when they allowed this system to exist and thrive under their regime in the State House.  Brown's election would only have meant more of the same.  


There are all kind of excuses why and how Gov. Larry Hogan became the new governor of Maryland.  How could this happen in state where, Baltimore City and Prince George's County are Democratic strongholds?First, there was the excuse of low voter turnout, but the truth of the matter I was not the only black voter who saw a vote for Anthony Brown was a further step back to the back of the bus.  


Governor Hogan deserves the benefit of the doubt and the only thing he owes black voters is a fair and honest 4 years in his new job.  Good luck Governor Hogan and I pray that nursing homes in the state are a priority.




Harold K. Bell















                        HAPPY MYLES 1936-2014 A PLAYGROUND & COMMUNITY LEGEND 



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The Home Going Celebration obituary of my friend and Big Brother Happy Myles described him to a tee. The paragraph that stuck out to me read "Happy was a very compassinate and generous man known to come quietly to the aid of many throughout his life time."  He came to my aid often in the 50+ years that I knew him.  He not only loved sports he loved children.  Kids In Trouble and Inside Sports were 2 of his favorite endeavors.  He was a fixture at our annual Kids In Trouble toy parties.  He was a cheerful giver and was truly one of Santa's Helpers.  He was a Santa's Helper long before the many pro athletes, politicians and entertainers who joined the "The Badwagon" of Kids In Trouble.  Happy was a cheerful giver who will be solely missed in our community.  Rest in peace my brother.



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