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    De La Hoya v Mayweather Jr. Official Weigh-In



Floyd Mayweather's problems are in living color, black, white and green.  His problems have everything to do with Green (a dollar bill), Black is his former friend and side kick 50 Cents aka Curtis Jackson seen holding  holding the championship belts of Mayweather before their nasty divorce and during a press conference before a fight.  And to 50 Cents' right is the White trailer trash of Golden Boy Productions, Kelly Swanson and directly behind Floyd is Don King wannabe Al Hayman. Who in all likely hood could care less if Floyd ever learned to---advantage Hayman.


The split between Mayweather and 50 Cents should not be a surprise in boxing or any other professional enterprise where black folks congregate.  With 50 Cents you have a brother from the streets who has been there and done that.  He was shot 9 times during a drug beef and lived to tell about it.  He turned 50 cents into a multi-million dollar enterprise using entertainment as as a vehicle (rapper), a clothing apparel line and flavored water to build an empire.


Mayweather came from humble beginnings he was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and eventually moved to New Jersey to live with his mother who was a drug addict.  He says his biggest influence was his grandmother who encouraged him to stick with boxing.  He comes from a family of pro boxers that include, his father Floyd Sr. and uncles Jeff and Roger.


Mayweather claims his father was never there for him because he was selling drugs and in and out of jail, but his father disputes his account of their relationship.  Floyd would eventually drop out of school and never go back.  


He says, "When I was about eight or nine, I lived in New Jersey with my mother and we were seven deep in one bedroom and sometimes we didn't have electricity.  When people see what I have now, they have no idea of where I came from and how I didn't have anything growing up.  People don't know the hell I have been through."                                           


Against all odds these two black brothers have become multi-millionaires because one could fight and the other became a gangster and drug dealer who parlayed those careers into The Good Life.  The real reason for the split is their giant egos standing in their way.  The people they chose to look out for their best interest could care less. 


The leechs and freeloaders include, Kelly "I Spy" Swanson the Public Relations & Media Representative for Golden Boy Productions, the Plantation of the boxing world.  How did Ms. Swanson become the media rep for Floyd?  It all started in the camp of former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Riddick Bowe right here in Washington, DC. 


According to the late DC Boxing Commissioner Dr. Arnold McKnight (my former college teammate and roommate) Rock Newman brought Ms. Swanson into the camp as a Go-Fer.   She was a quick thinker.  She would eventually use her head to show up in boxing rings around the world.  It didn't matter who was promoting or headlining the show, Don King, Bob Arum, Sugar Ray Leonard, Bernard Hopkins, Oscar De La Hoya, etc. you would find her in the ring or on the podium during press conferences.


This was always a sticking point with me, because media press boxes are the most segregated in professional sports second to a church on Sunday morning.   My question to Don King, Bernard Hopkins, Sugar Ray Leonard, Rock Newman, why would you assign white trash like Ms. Swanson to coordinate your press table?   There are plenty of young black PR types in our community why couldn't these so-called black boxing promoters and world champion fighters hire their very own to head their PR departments?  I would guess, we didn't have good heads on our shoulders!


I understand why white folks hire people who look like them, its not racist its call networking.  We should try it! 


Don King Productions and Don King were the biggest abusers when it came to the media press table.  I met DK in Cleveland during an exhinition headlining The Greatest, Muhammad Ali.  I was there when Ali against everyone's wishes begged him not to make DK boxing's first black promoter.  The next morning after the exhibition I had breakfast with Washington Star Newspaper sports columnist Jim Beathea and Don King.  Beathea was writing a feature on DK and how he saw his future in boxing as its first black promoter.  When all was said and done, DK looked at me and said, "Harold baby stick close to me we are going places!" 


When the dust had cleared he was the only one who had gone some place.  Like to the bank and the boxing hall of fame.  DK is now known as the greatest boxing promoter in the history of the sport.  He shortchanged every fighter he represented including his Cash Cows, Ali and Mike Tyson.  During his boxing charade DK would call on me to try and influence Sugar Ray Leonard and other local fighters to join his stable.   He wanted Ray badly---Mission Impossible.


Ray had already made his commitment to sign on with Mike Trainor who stole the money from Ray that DK had hopes of stealing. 


Enter DC Public Relations guru Charlie Brotman.  In the 4 decades I have known Brotman he has never hired a black on his staff not even as a intern.  His stable included, Sugar Ray Leonard, Don King, and Rock Newman among other black clients in the world of pro boxing.  DK loved to play mind games with me.  I remember we were in the lobby of Ceasar Palace im Las Vegas before a fight talking and out of the blue he says, "Harold did you know your homeboy Rock Newman is passing for white."  My response 'that makes two of you' he hurried up and got out of my space.  


I stayed on his case as it related to hiring some black people in his Press & Public Relations Department.  Finally, he hired legendary New York Amsterdam Newspaper sports columnist Howie Evans, but Howie didn't last but a hot minute as I had predicted.  Howie had a short fuse when it came to DK's BS and plantation mentality.  He said "No Mas", after one year.


Middleweight boxing champion Bernard Hopkins and I had a running conversation everytime we saw earch other after he signed with DK to promote his fights.   I could not understand his logic, especially with him knowing DK's history.  But he kept telling me he had all of his eyes dotted and Tees crossed and his eyes on his money.   He said, "I am waiting for the right moment to tell DK to kiss my blackass." 


The moment came after he beat Felix Trinidad in a Don King Productions elimination tournament in Madison Square Garden in 2001.  Bernard for the first time in his career was the underdog in the betting.  He bet $100, 000 on himself with a casino in Las Vegas.  In an interview with the media immediately after the fight he looked at me and said "All right Harold Bell are you ready?  Don King you can kiss my blackass its over and done!"


This takes me back to Kelly Swanson. Bernard is now a so-called minority owner with Golden Boy Productions who employs Ms. Swanson.  He leaves Don King for Golden Boy Productions and Kelly Swanson, that is what you would call going from the frying pan into the fire.  Bernard and I have had a conversation about Ms. Swanson and her usual climb up the boxing ladder by using her head.  He laughed and we kissed and said goodbye.  The more things change the more they remain the same.


Floyd Mayweather's illiteracy is nothing new in pro sports and 50 Cents' "Player Hating" on his former friend is the norm in the entertainment business.  The bottom-line, are there people in Mayweather's camp who care about his legacy after his career ends or is it "Just Show me the Money" is all they care about?  There is little doubt in my mind that Kelly Swanson cares about anything other then keeping her head in the game.   


In 1976 I had to rescue Sugar Ray Leonard from his self.  It was shortly after his heroics at the Olympic Games.  He was depressed because the DC media made his baby out of wedlock with Quanita read like the Charles Manson murders.  He hid in his home and would not come out.  His manager Janks Morton had to come to the Anacostia Tennis Courts in SE DC and ask me to talk him out.


I discovered that Ray was border-line illiterate when I took him under my wing.  But instead of making fun of him and talking behind his back.  I made Ray put his Gold Medal around his neck and I carried him out to speak to elementary school children who were not looking for his flaws or judging him with a critical eye. 


My wife Hattie and I came up with another idea of how to help him improve his verbal and reading skills.  I convinced Ray to start reading outloud to himself in the mirror as often as possible.  When he and Quanita were married we gave him a book of poems (LEAVES OF GOLD)  for a wedding gift.  It was to be use in aiding him to take his reading and verbal skills to another level.  I am convinced the advice and the book of poems made him look like an intelligent athlete during the early years of his career. 





           Inside Sports Sugar Ray, HBell, Ray, Don King and Larry Holmes & Bernard Hopkins, Ray & Janks Morton



The first 2 years of Ray's career he allowed the sleezy Mike Trainor to see his ring earnings before he did.  There was no one in his camp including the HNIC Janks Morton saw anything wrong with this practice.  I stepped in and demanded that Ray put his sister Bunny in Trainor's office for checks and balance.  From then on I was seen as the Trouble Maker in the camp.  Stop and think who benefits from Floyd not being able to read---Golden Boy Productions.            


I have always said, "You don't have to be smart to make money and be rich in America."  But you have to be smart to stay rich in America--see Floyd Mayweather, Sugar Ray Leonard and a host of pro athletes who were not very bright but took advantage of being in the right place at the right time. 



                                               Floyd Mayweather responds to 50 Cent

I think that Floyd's response to 50 Cents' ignorant putdown was not smart (see response above).  This act only reinforces 50 Cents' premise of how illiterate Mayweather really is.  Its not like 50 Cents is broke!









DC Superior Court where the prequisite was fairness for all thanks to Judges Harry Alexander, Luke Moore, Chief Judge Gene Hamilton, Ted Newman and Henry Kennedy, Jr.,  Alex Williams 4th from the right somehow got lost in the shuffle.

I experienced the 1968 riots in Washington, DC up close and personal as a Roving Leader for the DC Recreation Department’s Youth Gang task force.   the riots in Ferguson, Missouri brought back bad memories.  I was in the middle of the chaos in the U Street NW corridor.  My co-worker and former Green Bay Packer great Willie Wood and I teamed up with the late U. S. Marshall in Charge, Luke C. Moore.  Luke was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  He was the first black in modern day history to head the U. S. Marshall Service in America.


The three of us walked arm and arm through the tear gas streets of NW DC trying to maintain peace.  Luke would go on to become a DC Superior judge and Willie Wood would be inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame in 1989. 


When President Lyndon Johnson ordered all businesses to shut down during the riots it was Luke Moore who called the White House and asked the President to reconsider and allow Ben's Chili Bowl to remain open for first respondents.  Request granted—when the dust, tear gas and military personnel had cleared the streets, Lee’s Flower Shop, Industrial Bank, and Ben’s Chili Bowl were the only black businesses still standing.  


Luke Moore's contributions to Kids In Trouble and Inside Sports can never be measured in time or money.  He helped me get the Bolling Boys Base for juvenile delinquents off the ground on Bolling Air Force Base in SE DC.  He went directly to DC Mayor Walter Washington and Department of Human Resources Director, Joe Yeldell and said "Let’s do it!"  The longevity of the Kids In Trouble Christmas Toy Party (1968-2013) can be directly attributed to him.

Luke encouraged other judges to get involved in the community including, Chief Judge Harold Greene with the opening of Bolling Boys Base.  The athletes, politicians, radio & television personalities would all follow his lead when it came to community involvement.  We had a great crew of judges from the DC Superior Court where the perquisite was fairness for all.   They included "the one of a kind" Harry T. Alexander, Chief Judge Greene, Chief Judge Eugene Hamilton, Chief Judge Ted Newman, and Henry Kennedy Jr.  The community and children were really First and they led by example. (continued @ Profile)




              HANDS UP AMERICA

           HOW SOON WE FORGET!


Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said, "It is hard to think that the scenes unfolding in Ferguson are taking place in a American city in the year of 2014." My question, "Harry where have you been?"





         Hoodies                                                                                                    Hands Up America             






Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Detroit, DC, and Ferguson have all become "Murder Incorporated!"  The sad part of this charade, the right hand does not have a clue to what the left hand is doing.  The experts, talking heads and writing hands in media are just as clueless.  The country is based on a court system of Justice & Just-Us and are held captive by a code of silence that is practiced in police departments around the country.


It is easy to understand why politicians like Harry Reid are also clueless.  He and his Republican counterparts have never been black and have never spend anytime in the war zones of our inner-cities.  


I clearly understand why he is in the dark and does not believe that the scenes unfolding in Ferguson are taking place in a American city in the year of 2014! Media giants like 60 Minutes' top story was to focus on poor whites in the West Virginia foothills without health care.  The focus was on two courageous white women with Master Degrees in nursing trying to bring health care to these forgotten souls who could not afford Obama Care or were left out of the loop.


Their mode of transportation was a beat-up trailer equipped.  I applauded these two concerned white women because they were not waiting around for people to die before reacting to a health crisis       


















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